Daniel Oliva

Visual communication, graphic design & brand strategy.


My parents always say that, at the age of 3, I recognized all the logotypes on the cars as we walked down the street.

Since I was little, in everything I made, whether it was homework from school, playing with friends, or performing at drama club, I always felt I wanted to imprint a unique personality in every project, painting it with its own colors, a specific language, a font and maybe a logotype.

One day, someone told me: "Hey, that thing you do, it's called brand architecture".

So I grew to become a visual creator, especialized in branding and communications for artistic institutions. I create posters with powerful aesthetics and clever messages, logotypes with unexpected symbologies, advertisements that connect from the brand's personality to the receiver's.

With training in strategic communication, visual arts and UX design, I am willing for your brand to establish a conversation, just the way I could have it with you right now. Message me!

message me!


Juguetoría posters, prints and vinyls for Museo Nacional de Artes Decorativas.

Scale is the concept to symbolize the bridge between real and imaginary.

Photo: Juguetoría archive.

The work of Cruz Novillo and Alberto Corazón, who developed the logos of many institutions in the 70s and 80s, inspire this new visual system based on the coat of arms and "El Pilar", the Spanish patron saint. The work was submited to the PM's office and the 2022 LAUS Awards in Barcelona.

What started as a drawing project about one-point perspective, became a full network that kept on expanding.

This personal project taught me much about infographics, grids and UX.


Artwork for personal music project Dowi. The 2021 album "Defrost" uses the visuals of the city park as a reconnection with one's self after a breakup in the middle of the chaotic city life. The textures of stone, grass and ice explore the union of the city and nature.